This week’s training:

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3 miles run/walk (4/1)

Wednesday – 8 miles easy with strides

Thursday – 8 miles with 3 mile repeats @ 10K pace

Friday – rest

Saturday – 13.1 Butterfly Race with 1 mile each for warmup and cool down

Sunday – 7 miles easy

Total: 41 miles

Monday was supposed to be 7 miles, but I wasn’t feeling it after the late 22-miler on Sunday, so I listened to my body and took a day of rest.  I could have tried to do all 7 on Tuesday, but I opted to cut it to 3 and switch to run/walk, in part so I could still get to church that night, and in part to follow the advice of running coach Jack Daniels: When trying to decide between 2 workouts, choose the less stressful of the two.  Thanks, Jack!

The goal to finish the Texas 200 this week is what got me out the door at all on Tuesday.  This virtual race challenges runners to run or walk 200 miles in the state of Texas in six months.  My goal was to run all 200 in the month of October!  Thankfully, I completed the challenge and should be receiving one of these shortly.

The other virtual race this week was for the Butterfly Children.

Their beautiful bling caught my eye, and I opted for the half after learning more about Epidermolysis Bullosa.

As I watched this brave little boy’s story, the question came: If you could take his pain away by switching places, would you do it?  My heart sank as I realized I didn’t exactly jump at the chance to trade places.  Then another thought: What would be worse, living with this condition or without God’s presence?  No doubt about that one.  No one wants to endure great physical pain, but living without God would be far worse.  Then it hit me.  On the cross, Jesus endured both great physical pain and the pain of separation from the Father, as He looked away from the sin upon Him.  He was willing to make the exchange for me.  Wow.