This week’s training:

Monday – 6 miles easy

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 10 miles with 8 x Yasso 800s

Thursday – 6 miles easy with strides

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 22 miles LSD (run 1/walk .1 x 20)

Total: 44 miles

I was supposed to do an easy 6 on Saturday, but Mom was in town, I had to work, and it was raining…so I gave myself the day off. First time I’ve skipped a run on this plan when I wasn’t sick or injured but decided one freebie a training cycle might be a good thing. When I was dragging through Sunday’s long run, I knew it was a good call. 

This week, God was speaking in pictures. I’ve come to apply the question, “If this were a dream, what would it mean?” to things seen on my run. 

Two worth noting.   

This lovely animal was waiting at the end of one of my runs. Some people stop to smell the roses. I stop to pet the horses. Horses typically symbolize power (think “horse power”), but this one was super gentle. A sign that I have access to gentle power. 
A couple days later, I came across this butterfly. Butterflies represent transformation and freedom, as they go from being earthbound caterpillars to beautiful creatures that take to the sky. 

The colors were significant:

White – Spirit of the Lord, holy power

Orange – perseverance

Brown – humility

The fact that I found it on the ground was also important, suggesting that I will grow in those spiritual qualities as I lay down my life, dying to self. 

God also used Mom’s visit to convey something when I saw her sporting my TDF hat. 

There are some who would argue you shouldn’t wear anything from a race you didn’t personally run.  But I gave Mom the hat that I earned, and it made me happy to see her wearing it, enjoying it, and looking good!  In the same way, Jesus doesn’t say, “How dare you wear My robe of righteousness! You didn’t earn that!”  Instead, He delights to see us receiving the gift and enjoying the full benefit of His effort.  That was the very reason He went to the cross, and He wouldn’t have it any other way!  

In fairness to Mom, she did more to earn that hat than I did to earn a robe of righteousness. She came out to cheer me on…and has become quite the one-woman crew, offering personal assistance (i.e., holding stuff and stuffing me into compression gear for recovery!) as well as dynamite intercession.  So excited she’s coming to Vegas with me…in less than 3 weeks!!!