The week kicked off with a super busy Monday–10 things back-to-back-to-back. (Okay, 9 because my dentist was running late, and I had to cancel one of my other meetings.)  Mondays are my day off, so this was unusual but a good reminder that just as I need to run easy most of the time, I need to live life at a peaceful pace. 

It was a good week for training, and I nailed my marathon pace run and a set of six Yasso 800s this week.  I shaved 45 seconds off my pace for the long run by doing run/walk instead of trying to run miles at a time.  Another illustration of peace in my pace paying off! 

Adding in the speed workout I had to cut last week (and did pain-free this week!), here’s how things shaped up:

Monday – 10 miles (8 @ marathon pace)

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 9 miles with 6 x Yasso 800s

Thursday – 4 miles easy with strides

Friday – rest

Saturday – 20 miles (4/1 run/walk for 18, then fast finish for the last 2 miles)

Sunday – 4 miles easy

Total: 47 miles

Just five weeks and one more 20+ before Vegas!