After rocking the 18 last week, I pulled up with a little pain in my right calf on the next day’s easy run, which turned into a lot of pain on Monday’s pace run. So I did something that was virtually unthinkable two years ago…I listened to my body!  I initially pushed Wednesday’s speed session to Thursday, swapping it for Thursday’s easy run, which I did without pain. But when I felt the calf acting up again on Thursday’s warmup, I scrapped speed altogether this week and swapped that run for a longer easy run originally scheduled for next week. I didn’t want to take any chances that my compromise my long run or next week’s training.  My goal for October is to read through Proverbs again, so I have been inundated with messages about the importance of wisdom. I’m happy to say that exercising it paid off, and my calf was 100% for the long run! Yay!

With all the shuffling, here’s how this week’s training ended up:

Monday – 10 miles (8 @ marathon pace)

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 4 miles easy with strides

Thursday – 7 miles easy

Friday – rest

Saturday – 20 miles LSD with fast finish

Sunday – rest

Total: 41 miles