This was my 7th marathon, and I turned in my 2nd best time on the LEAST amount of training for any I’ve done! Apparently, the Fitzgerald plan and all those “power under control” long runs at a snail’s pace actually worked!

The Oz theme was fun, and some folks went all out.

Two things will stick with me about this race:

(1) Like Dorothy, I didn’t do it alone. My whole visit to Kansas was a trip down memory lane, and I got the chance to see someone from every sphere of life from the time I lived here. I stayed with my former roommate from grad school and had dinner with one of my dearest friends from church. When I crossed the finish line, my best friend from the VA where I did my internship was waiting for me. Surprisingly, post-race, I still had enough juice in my legs to go swing dancing that night and saw my best buddy from my dancing days.

(2) This race was distinctively marked by prayer. This, too, was coupled with friendship. Though I wouldn’t let him call me until I hit Mile 20, my best friend back home in Texas called me and stayed on the phone with me the last 10K, praying me in all the way. Wow.

I actually surprised myself by finishing strong and finished feeling absolutely FANTASTIC–the best I’ve ever felt after a marathon. That’s nothing short of a miracle!