Jesus lived a perfect life simply by doing what He saw the Father doing. Recently, I’ve been increasingly aware of what the Father is doing–seeing Him in the Spirit superimposed with myself in my mind’s eye, walking through each action before it happens. Kind of like in Sherlock Holmes when Robert Downey, Jr. sees a whole fight play out in his head before it happens.

It happened on a recent run when I saw a neighbor in her front yard with her 2 small dogs. I saw the path to go down a driveway and into the street to avoid them on the sidewalk…but ignored that guidance when I saw them clear the way. It looked like it was safe to pass. It wasn’t. Next thing I knew, one of the little dogs (so tiny I thought it was a cat!) darted around its owner, charged me, got tangled up in my feet, and knocked me down!  The owner was profusely apologetic, and thankfully I was okay. Skinned knee but nothing twisted or broken and able to finish the run. Still, a painful and powerful reminder to ALWAYS follow the Spirit and to trust that above what I see or think!