Woke up early and planned to hit it first thing. But one thing led to another and by the time I actually got out the door, 3 hours had gone by and temperatures had climbed.

Oh, well. I just chugged along, oblivious to the foreshadowing when I passed someone wearing a shirt that simply read: Warrior. It wasn’t until after the fact that I caught the irony that I was listening to a podcast entitled, “There’s More to the Story.”

Along about mile 5, I discovered that my late start was a divine delay. I met a Vietnam veteran and had the privilege of giving him a long overdue “welcome home” hug. (Like a true warrior, he was undaunted by my absolute sweatiness!) I pray that the short time we spent together has power to heal old wounds, especially as we approach Memorial Day and he remembers buddies who didn’t come home in a way far beyond what the rest of us, though reverently grateful for their sacrifice, can possibly comprehend.