I believe in foam rolling. Experience has taught me that it makes a difference, and as a result, I have begun a small collection. 

Each of these torture devices has its own purpose. The standard roller. Travel size. The spiky one (rumble roller) for when you really want to get serious. And the baby rumbler for torture on the go. 
As I was rolling today, a couple of scriptures popped in my head, one being Romans 5:3:
“…we rejoice in our sufferings…”

Yep. That’s foam rolling for ya!  
But I was also thinking about how foam rolling works. Basically, we use pressure to get the knots out. Kind of like ironing.  Pressure (and heat) gets the wrinkles out. This made me think of Ephesians 5:27, which talks about us being presented to God “without spot or wrinkle.”  So when we feel pressure (or God turning up the heat), we should rejoice in knowing this is part of the process of us being made holy and perfect as His bride!