It’s a common thing to repeat to yourself, especially on long runs: Run the mile you’re in. Don’t be thinking about Mile 23 at Mile 7.

It’s good advice for life, too. One day at a time. In running, it’s often a phrase to use when things get tough–a way of telling yourself just to take it in bite-sized chunks. But it can also be a way to savor the moment when things are good.  
One of the primary ways our joy is stolen is worrying about what will happen in the future. Sure, things may be great now…but how long can this last?  When will I be asked to suffer again? How bad will it be?  
Enough. There’s no use worrying about things that may not even happen, and I refuse to let what might happen someday take away from the joy I feel today. If there is suffering ahead, then that’s all the more reason to soak up every ounce of joy I can between now and then. Today running the mile I’m in means giving thanks for one of those miles when I feel like I’m flying.