Today’s race was relatively uneventful and is best summarized by the random thoughts that went through my head:

This feels too easy. 
Good girl. 
I get to come down this hill later. 
HR too high. 
Ride this train as long as you can. 
You’ve done this before. 
My friends are at church now. 
Lactate threshold. 
There’s my friend Brian!  
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. 
Check HR at the end of each song. If > 190, walk it down to 185. 
Team RWB!  Eagles up!
Encourage other runners. 
I could be at church now. 
Light, easy steps. 
Cold. Wind. Rain. 
Last hill. 
Feeling a little sick. Just run happy. 
The faster you run, the sooner you’re done. 
Why do I do this?
Rejoice in your sufferings. 
Chocolate milk ahead. 
2 more miles. 
Just. Keep. Running. 
Finish strong. 
Kick it! 
The best part of today’s race was not my race. 🙂
It was watching my mom finish her first 5K….

…and my friend Brian gut out the half, battling illness and injury.  

I got emotional watching the runners who finished behind me, slogging through the cold and pouring rain. I know how hard that is…and in their own way, these runners show a determination and fortitude that is equally or more impressive as those who have the drive to win.  I am inspired by their perseverance and will take the thought of these runners giving their all forward with me as I strive to find my own personal best.