One of the best things about running with God is those moments when He shows up in a way that is so unmistakably…Him.

On one of my runs this week, I got to run through a set of sprinklers. If you have ever run in the heat of the summer in Texas, you know that this alone feels like a shower from heaven. But these were at just the right height, and with the sun at just the right angle, they made a bunch of tiny rainbows. I got to run through rainbows!  I remembered that rainbows are a sign that God keeps His promises and heard Him whisper, “I always keep my promises. All of them.” 
There was another phrase that popped into my head: rainbows and unicorns. Usually something folks say sarcastically when something seems to good to be true.  But the blessing of God is like that. 
Perhaps because I’d spent a good part of the run praying about Boston, all of a sudden, it clicked. Unicorns.