For those interested, here are the characteristics of God I meditated on during the Erie Marathon.  The list is not polished, as I did not prepare it ahead of time, but simply prayed and asked God to reveal Himself to me during the run.  These are the thoughts that popped in my head over 26.2:

A – Awesome Almighty

B – Beloved

C – Creator

D – Dream-giver and Destiny-maker

E – Everlasting

F – Faithful

G – Good, Glorious

H – Holy One…who is making me holy as well!

I – Infinite…bigger than the vast expanse of the universe but also attentive to every detail down to the cellular and subatomic levels

J – Just…the One who restores what has been lost and stolen by the enemy

K – King of Kings

L – LOVE…the One whose very nature is love that never fails, never gives up, never runs out…

M – Merciful

N – New…as in the One who does new things (Isaiah 43:19)…like turning me from an asthmatic into a marathoner…and that’s only the beginning!

O – Omni’s – Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient…and the One I am becoming one with

P – Patient, Powerful

Q – Quick to save

R – Righteous

S – Savior, Strength & Shield

T – Trustworthy

U – Understanding (both in the sense of wisdom and having compassion), Universe-maker

V – Victorious

W – Wonderful

X – eXcellent (Philippians 4:8)

Y – Yahweh, the I AM, whose name is written on my heart

Z – Zealous and cheering me on to the finish!

It was awesome to worship as I ran and so helpful to keep my mind on things above…especially when things below started hurting.  So thankful that my God has so many wonderful qualities, making it easy to think of things I love–even when my brain quit working!  🙂