The last time I ran Heels & Hills was 2 years ago. It was a half marathon along the Campion Trail in Las Colinas. There were neither heels nor hills, and I had a great race, setting what was at the time a PR. 

After taking a year off, the race was reintroduced in Keller offering distances of 4 and 8 miles. (What???)  Different for sure but still a celebration of women’s fitnes…and that’s exactly what this race turned out to be. 
A 4-mile race didn’t really fit into this stage of my training for Utah, and with the lingering hamstring issue, truly racing didn’t seem like a good idea. (Intensity seems to aggravate it far more than distance.) I had done an 18-mile training run the day before so went in treating it as a recovery run. I ran it with my friend Davette, who had done a mud run the day before, so she was just fine with that. 
We did a little running, a little walking, and a lot of talking!  No rhyme or reason, no race plan or time goal, no pressure. Completely relaxed. Just a couple of friends out having fun with a bunch of other ladies doing the same. We had a blast and got a little bling!
Best part of it being a 4-miler: even though we were slow as Christmas, we both set a PR!