Nursing a strained hamstring and doing virtually zero speed work since March, I wasn’t sure what to expect for this race, but I decided to go, have fun, and give it my best shot.

I was happy to meet up with fellow Eagles running for Team RWB. 

And the costumes did not disappoint. Some folks really got into the spirit! 

The race itself was a 5K loop around Fair Park, which I did twice. With all the flooding we’ve had, I was grateful the course wasn’t under water.  We had pretty weather, and I enjoyed disco tunes blasted along the route, as well as stacked in my own playlist. 🙂
Considering I haven’t raced a 10K in 6 months, I did a decent job of pacing myself and ran a negative split. I also accomplished my goal of passing someone every mile. I realized I still have work to do—running with injury has cost me my mental edge, as I’ve gotten comfortable babying myself and being gentle instead of pressing into pain. But that will come back when I’m healthy. Though I was nearly 3 minutes off my true PR from last fall, I at least set a new race PR, so that’s something. 
And I added this to my collection!  Groovy!