My word for running this year is perseverance. At the outset, I believed it meant persevering through the hard training it would take to qualify for Boston. It may still mean that, but there’s definitely been a twist. 
The flare-up of my tendon toward the end of last year cost me significant speed, and the hamstring injury that plagued me in my last race continues to linger. Not bad enough to keep me from running….but enough to hold me back and make me cautious about doing any kind of speed work that might only further delay returning to 100%. 
How am I supposed to get faster if I can’t really train???
I was all psyched up to work hard and really push myself this year. Now it feels like I can’t do that. I’m frustrated about the injuries setting me back, but I believe God is faithful and that all things work together for good. 
Perhaps developing the perseverance to keep training–doing what I can, even when I can’t do what I want–is more important than developing speed.  (God seems to have a tendency of prioritizing the internal and eternal over the external, physical things!)  So I won’t quit. 
I have no idea what this means for Utah Valley in June. 
But that race is in the mountains. God has a history of doing miraculous things on mountains and tells us we can move them with faith of a mustard seed. So we’ll see. 🙂