I recently heard Bill Johnson talking about how both Jesus and Holy Spirit are praying for us (Romans 8). He said, “And they’re not trying to talk God the Father out of doing bad things to you!” As soon as he said that, I got a picture of a Trinity committee meeting where Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit were all plotting for my good! They were joyfully discussing their good plans for me, ways to bless me, help me grow, how to remove obstacles and/or use them for my benefit, how much they enjoy me, and how to get me where I need to go. Fun!

So I took that idea with me on my next run. The plan was to do 7 miles, meditating on all the areas of my life using a framework I learned from my dad, the 7 F’s:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fitness
  • Fun
  • Finances
  • Fulfillment (or to some, your F’ing job!)

I was doing run/walk with approximately 2 intervals per mile. For the first interval each mile, I gave thanks to God for what He has already done in that area of my life. For the second, I eavesdropped on the committee meeting to discern His good plans for me in that area.

This run was so fun and encouraging! It flew by, and my heart was so full afterward. The fact that I got a run felt like simply a nice bonus!

There were many blessings They showed me, and I also got insight to what They want to work on:

Love and humility.

One of the things God desires for me in relationships is to be able to trust other people.

The reason I don’t? Pride and fear. God said:

If you want to trust others, you have to believe that someone else can do as good or better than you can.

Ouch! So true!

Pride says, “If you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself.”

But that’s bogus. I’m not the best at everything. If I try to do it all, my ceiling will be what I am good at—lowered by my limited capacity.

Love believes in other people—that they can do a good job and that they’ll come through. When I let others help, they get to shine, and I get to rest. That replenishes me so I can then shine in serving them with my strengths. There’s a synergy effect, and we all get further together than any of us would on our own.

The other place these come into play is FUN!

God showed me how I’ve held back on trying fun things because I had pride and was trying to protect a certain image of myself—either not wanting to look foolish or destroy my “good girl” reputation by coloring outside the lines. When I dug deeper, I saw there was also fear. (Yes, there it is again. See a pattern? Pride and fear.) Fear that if I made mistakes, I would be rejected and people wouldn’t love me, and if I’m gut-level honest, because I might not love me. Ouch!

One of the things God is teaching me is acceptance—to love myself and others as He does, unconditionally. When love comes in, it pushes fear out and creates a place of security, from which humility then also flows because I’m no longer trying to protect pride or that image of myself that I want to everyone—including myself—to see. How refreshing! That opens up freedom to play!

God’s ways are so creative and wise! By increasing love and humility, I will have more rest and more play…which will also enhance my work! He’s always doing multiple things—like changing my life and giving me insight when I think I’m just going out for a run!